Lean into
the craft

Located in the oldest and trendiest Atlanta neighborhood, Lean Draft House is serving you local and Latin flavors that maintain The West End’s title as truly “The Best End”. If you’re out for a stroll on the Beltline, stop and visit our festive patio & live music. 

Here we are all about the craft. That craft is perfecting our flavorful menu by blending and balancing inspirations from the South and Latin kitchens. Whether you’re trying to escape the summer heat or cozy up by a warm fire, our patio is ready. 

Behind the bar, we have 20 rotating taps of locally crafted beers and a stellar cocktail program to satiate any pallet.  To entertain we have bocce, board games, giant Jenga, ping pong, game console, trivia nights, live music, and plenty of screens to watch your favorite team. 

 We understand the importance of revitalizing our community while also welcoming new neighbors. Our local spot has brought everyone together to create opportunities for our local artists, entrepreneurs, runners, bikers, and neighborhood organizations. So, hop on your bike and lean around the corner; we’ll be here ready to entertain.